For Buyers

The Real Estate Capital Investment Review

We understand that buying real estate will impact your business in both the short and long term, and can impact your entire business strategy. Our goal is to assist you in finding the perfect asset, one that complements and supports your business strategy. Cardinal will guide you through the selection process, performing rigorous due diligence and be your advocate throughout the negotiation process to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

  • Phase 1

    Critical Needs Analysis

    We get started by gaining a full understanding of your business needs, both today and for the future – using Critical Needs Analysis. We’ll use what we learn to define the Key Performance Indicators by which you’ll measure our success.

  • Phase 2

    Strategic Planning and Design Criteria

    In Phase 2, we meet with all decision makers to define the steps and direction to be used for making informed decisions. We also perform a complete budget analysis to determine if there is a compelling reason to buy, or if a lease is more appropriate.

  • Phase 3

    Optimal Market Tour

    Next, in the Optimal Market Tour, we consider both hard and soft factors, and weigh them against one another as we perform a thorough assessment of your options. We’ll establish a tour strategy, and document the whole process with our Market Survey Checklist.

  • Phase 4

    Purchase & Sale Negotiations

    During the negotiation, our highly trained team implements proven strategies to draft and negotiate a purchase and sale document that stands the test of our due diligence efforts, supports your business strategy and coordinates with your attorney. Through the use of our Negotiate to Win2™ Worksheet, we protect you from potential “what-ifs” and minimize your time and legal expenses.

  • Phase 5

    Project/Due Diligence Management

    Cardinal can make project management services available to assist you on all of your due diligence. From structural inspections to entitlements, Cardinal will create and execute a plan to meet your objectives.

  • Phase 6

    The Value Creation Review™

    In the final phase, the Value Creation Review™, we’ll conduct a formal review of our results as compared to the Key Performance Indicators we determined in Phase 1. We’ll ask you to evaluate our performance and the value we added to the consulting process. In some instances, your satisfaction with our ability to meet your goals will determine our compensation. By putting our money where our mouth is, we deliver uncommon credibility and a better way to broker.

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