For Public Assets

The Public Asset Maximization Process

The Public Asset Maximization Process™ is designed to help public entities, municipalities, and non profits confidently execute the complicated process of selling surplus public real estate. We’ll develop and implement a deliberate strategy that meets jurisdictional mandates and procedure requirements, engages the most likely out-of-state buyers, and provides communication, control and accountability throughout the process.

  • Phase 1

    The Due Diligence 360 Assessment™

    In the first phase of our process, we’ll evaluate all the dangers, opportunities and strengths associated with the public asset. We’ll complete our Public to Private Disposition Checklist™ to ensure disclosure of all physical and capital issues, as well as any potential concerns with entitlement, planning, zoning, transit, utilities, adjacent owners or the environment. During the Due Diligence 360° Assessment, we’ll also coordinate with key stakeholders to establish Key Performance Indicators and agree on our goals.

  • Phase 2

    The Public to Private Disposition Strategy™

    In this phase, we’ll educate all key stakeholders about the process to be followed and establish a preliminary schedule and budget. We’ll evaluate the marketplace to determine the best positioning for the asset, and recommend a communication and media strategy. We’ll also align with national engineering firms for data collection, reports and project management.

  • Phase 3

    The Market Maker™

    In The Market Maker™ phase we’ll help you gain an understanding of the private buyer’s mind-set, and work to protect the public’s interest while we catalyze the sale process. We’ll ensure there are enough bidders to create competitive and healthy bidding by generating emotion and enhancing the vision of the asset’s value for each bidder. We’ll qualify bidders, manage team meetings, collaborate with jurisdictional authorities and help you accept the best offer available.

  • Phase 4

    The Win / Win Negotiation™

    Here, Cardinal plays a critical role in navigating and negotiating the terms of your deal. We set and manage expectations of all parties to ensure you have a common understanding of terms and manage communications to keep things focused and moving on track. Our Negotiate to Win2™ tool gives clients confidence that the message delivered to the buyer is deliberate and professional.

  • Phase 5

    The Confident Closing™

    Our attention to detail in the first three phases ensures that frustrations and surprises have been minimized. Here, we’ll coordinate all aspects of due diligence documentation and activities. We’ll also help answer the buyer’s due diligence questions, and help to strengthen the due diligence package for the lender. Finally, we’ll coordinate remediation of any problems that are identified and not resolved.

  • Phase 6

    The Value Creation Review™

    During the Value Creation Review™ phase, we’ll work to complete the close-out package, and we’ll conduct a formal review of our results versus the Key Performance Indicators we determined in Phase 1. We’ll ask you to evaluate our performance and the value we added to the sale process. This helps us identify areas for improvement, as well as positive results generated by the PR firm on behalf of stakeholders and supervisors.

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