The Cardinal Advantage

What makes us unique?

We’re Up For The Challenge

Typically, brokers deal with one or two specialties and tend to stick closely to those. Cardinal doesn’t shy away from any challenge, and the team uses connections, persistence and a deep knowledge of the industry to deliver you the success you’re looking for. Cardinal has experience in everything from acquiring land and industrial buildings, to representing tough clients seeking the perfect location.

No Conflict of Interest

Traditional brokers aren’t concerned with how much their clients pay for deals, because their compensation goes up with the sale price. Their commissions are “market-based” and often go undiscussed. If you are cynical towards how traditional brokers get paid, challenge us to base our compensation on achieving your goals. 

Pay for Performance

Normally, brokers get paid regardless of whether or not you’re happy at the end of a deal. At Cardinal, challenge us to put our money where our mouth is – if we satisfy the goals described at the beginning of the deal, then we get paid for the results.


With Cardinal, you have a trusted advocate throughout the entire process. Traditional brokers are not typically trained in negotiations, and are more concerned with getting deals finalized quickly in order to get paid than getting you the best terms. We are trained in the latest negotiation techniques and our highest priority is getting you the best terms possible. We’re not afraid to get creative in order to get you there.


Based on all of the details of your needs and your specific goals, we build a unique and comprehensive strategy to lead you through every step of the way. It’s understandable that clients occasionally feel uncomfortable because of the lack of communication on the progress of their deal. This strategy helps to eliminate these issues because clients can feel confident every step of the way, knowing that we’re following a road map specific to their needs. All of our efforts are documented from start to finish, so you can have confidence in what’s going on at any step of the process.


Regardless of what kind of real estate goal you’re working towards, Cardinal has a proprietary proven process to help you reach it. We use our wealth of experience to identify the best way to reach your goals. VIEW OUR PROCESS

National Resources

Traditional firms are tied to using their own brokers, even if they don’t have someone with the specific experience you’re looking for. Cardinal has access to over 20,000 investors and developers nationwide and engages with the best-suited resources for your specific needs.



Cardinal has experience in every type of real estate deal, and has the depth of knowledge necessary to understand exactly what needs to be done for your specific goals.

Due Diligence

Buyers are traditionally responsible for due diligence, and issues can arise late in the deal and be a deal-breaker. With Cardinal, we complete all due diligence ourselves, before we even make a recommendation. We collaborate with expert architects and engineers to deliver a 221-point checklist so that you know exactly what you’re getting before you close a deal.

Project Management

Cardinal will help move the process along from the first meeting of a deal to move-in day with our project and move management services.

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