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Interested in learning more about the steps of buying, selling or leasing real estate? The Cardinal Video Library is a curated collection of the materials needed to provide you with a more in-depth knowledge and the resources needed to achieve the best possible results.

Commercial Real Estate Consultants and Brokers

Know when you need a commercial real estate broker and when you need a consultant. Real Estate consultants provide intelligent, unbiased real estate advice that achieves the best results for a client or employer. As the most respected real estate specialists in the industry, Counselors work on the most complex and important projects, effectively run real estate businesses, and are known for innovation and creative problem solving.

Drones Drive the Industrial Market in the Carolinas Metro Areas

Warren Buffet recently announced that “Retail is Dead.” Why are brick and mortar businesses going away, but warehouses are being bought up swiftly? In this video, I address urban area warehouse space demand in the Carolinas.

The Carolina's Industrial Market

An update on the Carolinas industrial real estate market

Common Negotiation Tactics

Powerful negotiations tactics to be aware of, when negotiations are not running smoothly.

Video Guide to Win-Win Commercial Real Estate Negotiations

A few simple, honest win-win rules for successful commercial real estate negotiations.