Mitsubishi Chemical America


A Japanese conglomerate needed to relocate its headquarters and was considering four US cities and different submarkets.


Cardinal uses the Strategic Tenant Advocate™ process to help with the critical needs and programming, decision criteria, building selection, deal negotiations, and personnel relocation.


Mitsubishi Chemical America (MCA) was looking to relocate its North American headquarters. MCA was considering multiple markets and needed a location with access to specific talent and services it knew it would need in the future.

Cardinal helped MCA narrow its choice to four metropolitan markets. Cardinal identified space, negotiated a long-term lease with below-market terms, orchestrated architects-and-contractor selection, and helped relocate key personnel to the new North American headquarters.

Cultural differences Worked with an international company
C-suite relocation Considered executives’ quality-of-life issues
Great hires Quality of available workforce exceeded expectations

Project Highlights

Below-market terms
Low rate, abated rent and tenant improvement allowance


C-suite was excited about new quality of life and pleased with the community

Great hires

Quality of available workforce exceeded expectations
The number one thing that’s important to Mitsubishi is trust. John is very, very trustworthy. He’s very reliable, very ethical, very transparent. He’s a good teacher. We’re not experts at real estate at all. John has demonstrated to us that he has good negotiating instincts. I trust that he is definitely watching out for the interests of Mitsubishi Chemical. Mitsubishi does not take hiring a person like John lightly. He is representing our corporation and our brand. And at Mitsubishi, we are very serious about protecting our brand. He’s supporting us, but in reality, we’re supporting him in getting this transaction done. That’s been very positive from our corporate standpoint. John is what makes it easy. He’s well trusted among our leadership group here at Mitsubishi Chemical.
Steve Yurich, President and CEO MCA
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