As a not-for-profit leader, you know first-hand how real estate problems distract from the core mission.
You also know that it can lead to burnout and fatigue.
Real estate - one of the biggest expenses for a company - often gets the least attention.
This is NUTS!
It takes an entrepreneur to catalyze an awesome real estate project.
But eventually, they’ll hit a ceiling of complexity and need help from an expert they trust.
Real estate is complex.
Even the best family offices get overwhelmed by the challenges real estate brings.
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We can help.

At Cardinal we serve our clients in three main areas: Advisory, Consulting, and Brokerage.

Our mission is to bring clarity to complex real estate challenges. We orchestrate every project we accept to its successful completion.

Our bimonthly newsletter shares tips and information on subjects including negotiations, coaching, productivity, and commercial real estate trends. We also publish real estate checklists, whitepapers on best practices, and other resources to help you achieve your real estate goals.

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Information and tools to give leaders clarity and inspiration

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We’re grateful for our clients. They are extraordinary leaders who have achieved tremendous results. When we think about the companies and people we are fortunate to work with, we are blown away.

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