Cardinal's clients responded to questions during an interview with a third party expert in January of 2021 who asked "what was your experience with Cardinal?"

“A lot of third-party consultants we hire get frustrated with our process. But John understood it, adapted, and he’s been very supportive throughout our working together. The number one thing that’s important to Mitsubishi is trust. John is very, very trustworthy. He’s very reliable, very ethical, very transparent. He’s a good teacher. We’re not experts at real estate at all. John has demonstrated to us that he has good negotiating instincts. I trust that he is definitely watching out for the interests of Mitsubishi Chemical.”
Steve Yurich
President and CEO, Mitsubishi Chemical America
“We have been burned by brokers in the past. Too often they lack professionalism. I am really impressed by Cardinal. You guys are organized and methodical about how you go about the disposition process. Although this market is tough, I am optimistic we are going to have a win with this deal.”
Steve Williams
Director of Land Resources, Thunder Enterprises
“John has a high tolerance for the mental pain it takes to solve a complex problem. Frankly, his peers in the brokerage industry just don’t have it. I think John’s experience as an operator, investor, developer, and broker gives him a unique perspective when looking at opportunities. His vision, his ability to think forward, is unique in his profession. His ability to see the bigger picture and what the future looks like on opportunities is remarkable. He also is networked – he has deep contacts with all the major players, both locally and around the region. John’s network has opened doors for us. People take his call.”
Stephen Pandos
Director of Finance, Insite Properties
“Few people have a Rolodex like John. He’s about the most networked person I know and people take his call. He has deep contacts with all the major players, both locally and around the region. As a result of John’s introductions, we have found several exceptional deals and developed some valuable relationships. You can’t put a price tag on this type of access and speed of trust.”
Stephen Pandos
Director of Finance, Insite Properties
“John is honest with me. He’s very knowledgeable, both about the market itself and the prospects coming in. John has the proven ability to source and close large deals.”
Shelley Federal
Director of Commercial Property Management, Lat Purser Associates
“Working with a smaller shop gets you more personal attention. I got the top guy’s attention. You don’t get that with a large organization where sometimes you end up with junior people doing the work. John is detailed; he’s professional, he’s aggressive, and not in a negative way, but in terms of wanting to get it right. He’s tenacious. He would be my No. 1 choice for any real estate deal. I know what to expect. He’s a good guy, and over the years, he’s become a good friend, too.”
Ronnie Bryant
Former CEO, Charlotte Regional Partnership
“In our practice, we work with many of the top producers in the commercial real estate brokerage industry. Like John, they all drive an incredible amount of value to their client’s thanks to their discipline, passion, and proper perspective. The methods and processes that John uses are some of the best in the industry. Any executive reading this book will enjoy the read and gather many tips on effectively navigating both common and complex real estate transactions.”
Rob Santomossimo
Rod Santomassimo Author “Brokers Who Dominate”
“As CFO of Summit Properties, I knew that 50% of our acquisitions would not close due to problems we would uncover in the due diligence process. If the seller had employed the process used by Cardinal, we would have been able to close on 90% of our development sites.”
Ray V. Jones
Former CFO of Summit Properties
“Taking the initiative to write Go For Broker was very impressive to me. Taking the initiative to write emails to people with things to think about, such as changing the need for space in a post COVID world, demonstrates that he’s a thinker.”
Philip Norwood
Mid-America Apartment Communities
“Brokers are great when it comes to transacting, but if you need someone to solve a problem, clean up a mess, provide clarity to a complicated deal, then transact – John’s the guy. There’s always a push and pull between a broker’s pride of performance versus the desire for compensation. John inverts those two. I sense that he believes if he performs well, he’ll be compensated appropriately, but the last dollar does not drive him; the successful transaction drives him on behalf of all the parties. He’s a professional who is considerate of the needs of the people he represents.”
Philip Norwood
Mid-America Apartment Communities
“John is a firm and fair negotiator. It seems too often that representatives for buyers get eager to close a deal, not the case with Cardinal or John.”
Patrick Overstreet
Director of Service, Ascendum Machinery, Inc.
“I am a branch manager, so real estate is not in my wheelhouse. So the clarity of thought and experience that John brought was valuable to me. As a result, I didn’t waste much time, and I was able to run my business. Also, I found the process fun and interesting. John is a personable guy with whom I enjoyed spending time. Frankly, there were opportunities that John found that could have resulted in more revenue for Cardinal but would have fallen short of our needs and desires. It was more important to John that we got the right property, not just the one that made Cardinal the most money. John offered solutions that are rare among brokers. John’s maturity in the industry and knowledge of the market sets him apart. “
Patrick Overstreet
Director of Service, Ascendum Machinery, Inc.
“Frankly, there were opportunities that John found that could have resulted in more revenue for Cardinal but would have fallen short of our needs and desires. It was more important to John that we got the right property, not just the one that made Cardinal the most money.”
Patrick Overstreet
Director of Service, Ascendum Machinery, Inc.
“John found a way to satisfy our requirements in a very creative way. That is where John really proved his benefit beyond anyone else I’ve worked with, whether on our side of the table or the opposite side of the table. “
Milton Silver
Silver Investments, Ltd.
“For almost 20 years, I tried to sell a property I owned in Charlotte with no success. I had hired and fired three different brokers. Finally, John Culbertson was recommended to me for his ability to bring landowners and developers together for their mutual benefit. With his contacts and knowledge, John was able to locate a developer to buy my property. However, for over a year, we were in negotiations before the sale was concluded. John did a marvelous job for me during those trying times. I believe John would serve any client as well as he did me.”
Millie Hogboom
Family Office Member
“I usually do not give much thought about the other side’s broker. However, I appreciate your help through the process. You were thorough, fair, and did an excellent job for your client.”
Mike Kolar
Executive Vice President, Patriot Equities
“John possesses unique qualities that distinguish him from many other brokers, real estate consultants, and analysts. His skill set is equal parts intellectual, relational, and street savvy. In addition, he adds a higher level of analysis and processes to his core strengths which are market knowledge, relationships, and decades of experience.”
Mason Zimmerman
Sr. Vice President, Pope and Land
“Truth is, we can easily find real estate that is available in SouthPark. But Cardinal called the landlord of one of our competitors and helped us make a deal for an awesome Charlotte branch. I am extraordinarily pleased with the engagement in every possible dimension.”
Lee Roberts
Former Managing Director Piedmont Community Bank Holdings
“You go into a big relocation, worried the project will be miserable. But after you start working with Cardinal, you realize this will be a great experience. John brings a level of trust and knowledge right off the bat. Instantly, your blood pressure goes down because he’s got a calming attitude that makes you take a deep breath and know everything’s going to be alright. I enjoyed hearing his insights and there was never any awkward pressure for me to make a decision. He asks questions that get you thinking and he puts his two cents in when needed. Everyone worries when signing up a broker, especially when you are a small business. Questions like, Is this person over-promising what they are going to do? Is my deal just another commission to him? However, Cardinal didn’t feel like that at all. You don’t at all feel bad or guilty saying ‘No, this isn’t the one.’ It almost felt like you were driving around with one of your partners in your business, looking for a location together for your business. He found us an ideal location, and it was a fun process.”
Kevin Bilderback
President/CEO at BlueDot Medical, Inc.
“What set Cardinal apart from the beginning was their ability to think outside the box and see opportunities many others would just miss. In addition, John is ingrained in the Charlotte community, which adds another dimension to his services. Finally, we greatly admire the process-oriented approach to real estate because it is intuitive and works for both sides of the negotiation.”
Josh Heald
VP Finance and Investment Core Communities, LLC
“For most companies, real estate is ubiquitous and indispensable. And because it affects everyone in the organization, it is not easy to manage. Go For Broker is a game plan for executives to communicate their objectives to a real estate service provider successfully. There have been numerous times where I have encountered the principal-agent conflict discussed in this book, and I was fortunate to have great people around me who were, as the book describes, “selfless agent advocates.” Without them, the transactions would have gotten complex, resulting in procrastination and missed deadlines. Therefore, I recommend Go For Broker for anyone interested in hiring a real estate brokerage team that focuses on the client’s needs over their own.”
John B. McCoy
Director (ret) AT&T, Chairman (ret) BankOne Corporation
“John and his team were exceptional advocates on our behalf. Their team approach makes sense, and it yielded an excellent value for my company.”
Jay Faison
Former President, WirePath and ZoboTV
“Often when deals are referred to us, the referring broker sends the deal then disappears. John was a great partner to have on a challenging multi-market deal. Not only does he bring great experience and knowledge of the business to the transaction, but John’s relational and management skills allowed a tough deal to be still a pleasure to work on. I look forward to teaming up with John again in the future.”
J. Hickman
Industrial Specialist, Colliers Management Services, LLC
“I felt John was always working in our best interest and gave advice even when we didn’t want to hear it. I absolutely recommend John. I’m very high on the concept of real estate consultancy, and I’m very high on John personally. Through the process, he became not only a worthwhile advocate for Mitsubishi on a wide range of real estate transactions, but he also became a very good friend.”
Dennis Trice
Retired CEO, Mitsubishi Chemical America
“Most brokers are all about the transaction and not much fun to work with. John is always a pleasure to work with. He provides a great service to his clients by representing their interest while working with prospects to ensure a deal gets done. I look forward to working with John in the future.”
Dennis Richter
Partner, Centro CityWorks, LLC
” …with the exception of you guys, every time I turn over a rock in the real estate business, there’s a cobra lying underneath it! I would never deal with anyone but Cardinal in this town.”
Dan Taylor
Entrepreneur and Developer
“The whole world of commercial real estate becomes increasingly complex and complicated every year, and many executives who are confident experts in their own fields and professions lose confidence in dealing with one of the most important investments and expenditures. John Culbertson has created a powerful, comprehensive but simple process for executives to think through their real estate future in a strategic and systematic fashion. Everything in this book has been successfully tested in the marketplace. Being a business owner myself with extensive and expanding commercial requirements, I appreciate enormously the practical wisdom and simple framework that John provides to serious and committed readers.”
Dan Sullivan
Founder, Strategic Coach
“I have worked with residential brokers every day for over 20 years. John is an expert in his field of commercial real estate. His ideas are innovative and creative, and he consistently gets results for his clients. He is my go-to person for all commercial needs and consulting in Charlotte and the surrounding counties.”
Catharine Pappas
Relocation Director at Dickens Mitchener
“I got to know John while serving on a state board and observed him be one of very high integrity and commitment to his clients. His approach to serving clients in the real estate business is unique and results-focused. I have no hesitation recommending him to any of my clients. I know he is a true professional and an expert in his field. He understands partnering like no one else!”
Bob Spencer
Senior Vice President, RBC Bank
“The relocation process was somewhat new to me, so John was my sounding board. I’d call him a lot and share frustrations with the process; he would listen and explain what was happening and help me better navigate the process. I absolutely would recommend John. I cannot imagine doing our project without him. “
Andrea Steiner
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