An environmental lobbying group needed to expand in Washington, DC. They had challenging specifications in a tight market. 


Cardinal tuned into the client’s essential requirements of safety, location, and budget; then orchestrated the deal directing the local broker, architect, and project manager to create a solution.


ClearPath environmental group was looking for a new office close to Capitol Hill. It had to be walkable from Capitol Hill and be situated so that members of  Congress could be discrete. 

As with many small-office moves, the person running the project was not a commercial real estate expert and was quickly overwhelmed. 

Cardinal used its Strategic Tenant Advocate™ process to identify the suitable space and negotiate the lease. We found a novel solution—a townhouse that had undergone an award-winning renovation and offered valuable parking space.

Unique requirements Need for discretion and high security
No in-house real estate experience The lean nonprofit lacked internal real estate relocation experience
Unconventional office market Washington, DC market is dominated by large corporate users and boutique consulting firms.

Project Highlights

Leveraged connections
Engaged the top office broker in the market

Negotiated long-term deal

Found space in award-winning brownstone conversion

Bonus parking space

Identified creative, off-market parking options
We use this location to have meetings with Congressmen and Senators to discuss the environmental legislation we are wanting to influence. I was overwhelmed by the complexity of relocating our office while also doing my real job. Someone suggested I find an office broker. Our founder had a relationship with John and offered to make an introduction. John immediately gave me confidence. He inquired about our goals and the dangers we wanted to avoid and quickly got to work. He interviewed many brokers and recommended one to me. He worked as a team with the local broker expert, and together they found us the ideal building in a very tight market. John stayed with us to manage the improvements and was on top of every detail, even those that didn’t fall under his scope. He gave me the real picture of what was going on with the negotiations and construction. John was my sounding board from the beginning to the end of the project. I felt like it was a safe space for me. I still call John. There has never been a time that he does not pick up my phone call.
Andrea Steiner, Managing Director, ClearPath
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