Park Ministries


Church leaders were wary of redevelopment and the developers who might exploit them, but the church had an extensive real estate portfolio and was looking for guidance.


Cardinal reached into its toolbox and used its proprietary Prepared to Win-Win Negotiation Worksheet™. The church leaders became confident that—in Cardinal—the church had a fierce advocate.


The Park Ministries was one of the largest historically African American congregations in the region, and the size of the congregation had ballooned. They owned four churches and held multiple Sunday services in each, draining the leadership’s resources. 

Additionally, their real estate issues were not simple. One site had once been a city landfill and faced compliance issues. Buildings had deferred routine maintenance, and the ministry now risked facing liability claims. 

Working as a consultant, Cardinal teamed with church leadership to execute a bold plan. It included: 

  • Brownfield designation
  • The sale of excess real estate
  • The generation of rental income
  • Formation of a partnership with the city
  • Investment in CAPEX to limit future liability nightmares 
High facility costs The church faced mounting bills
Reduced church revenues Declining membership meant less revenue
Fear of being exploited Previous misaligned interests between church and developers fostered lack of trust in develops
Liability Investment in Capex was needed to keep buildings safe

Project Highlights

One church sold
Proceeds supported the church mission

Income generated

Ministry leased offices, meeting rooms, and kitchen to city

Capex obtained

Ministry assessed facilities for Capex repairs
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