2019: Year in Review

2019 was a big year at Cardinal and one that tops an eventful decade.

Personally, I turned 50 (age, not IQ), which got me thinking about the life lessons I’ve learned over the past decade. (Read the article here.)

As I am heading into 2020, here are some new habits that I am taking with me into the New Year.

Among them:

  • Work in a 25-minute burst by using a Pomodoro timer
  • Use Suttna inside of Slack when I start the day. It reminds me to be intentional about the goals that are most important to me.
  • Remember The 80% Approach to allow me to get on with things.
  • Try one new habit at a time for 21 days. Experts agree that this is the way to modify behavior.

In 2019 we entered the podcast studio. Please subscribe to Cardinal Insights in iTunes. If you like what you hear, give us an enthusiastic review!

Thank you for reading Cardinal Insights and I wish you an awesome 2020!


This year was another fun and fulfilling one in terms of my writing and sharing information. Here’s a recap of my favorite and reader favorite articles that I’ve written over the year. Thank you all for your continued support.

  • Why Procrastinating is a Good Thing, 2019-03-12 The idea that procrastinating might not be a bad trait struck a chord with many of you.
  • Ways to Improve Your Attitude When On a Poopy Assignment. I admit the 7-year-old kid in me had fun having a headline with the word “poopy” in it. On a more serious note, I enjoyed writing about a client who illustrates what makes this job rewarding – don’t assume you know how things are going to transpire, and that there are a lot of great characters out there who will enrich your life when you don’t expect it.
  • This article on old guys on social media gave readers some chuckles.
  • Ahhh, David Tepper and the Carolina Panthers. I wrote a handful of pieces on this but here’s the main one. While I still think the deal doesn’t make sense, he’s demonstrated he’s a savvy businessman.
  • Kaiteki. This has been – and still is – an excellent assignment.
  • Announcing my brand new podcast – this was definitely a milestone. Have a listen – and please subscribe if you like what you hear and want more. I have big plans for the podcast in 2020.
  • This podcast with Ronnie Bryant generated some nice buzz, notably a mention in the up-and-coming business newsletter The Charlotte Ledger.

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