3 Tips on How to Choose a Commercial Real Estate Broker

There are books and videos on how to choose a commercial real estate broker, and there’s enough information to be found online and via word of mouth to fill several bookcases and entertainment centers. But is it really that difficult to find a good broker, or do people simply not know what to look for? Here are three simple, straightforward characteristics that all commercial tenants should look for in a commercial real estate agent.

• Someone that is willing and able to show evidence of their ability, either through testimonials or direct references. A broker should also have received proper training in negotiations, and should be able to communicate their negotiation strategies to a tenant.
• A willingness to negotiate a lease and options that would make more traditional commercial realtors cringe. Most traditional realtors discourage tenants from asking for concessions, even though they’re well within their right to do so, because it can impact their level of compensation and can make negotiations take longer.
• Commitment to the tenant’s satisfaction, and the demonstrated ability to communicate regularly. Commercial real estate agents who go unseen or unheard from for long periods of time should make a prospective tenant worry.

The simplest way to determine how to choose a commercial real estate broker is to seek out an established firm, and compare their practices to that of Cardinal Real Estate Partners. With Cardinal’s reputation, they’ve become the golden standard by which all others should be measured.

Real estate transactions can be fraught with frustration and pitfalls.

Sometimes the hardest part turns out to be working with your broker, the person who is supposed to help you through the complexities. Veteran commercial real estate broker and client advisor John Culbertson discovered that brokers’ interests aren’t always aligned with those of their clients. He realized there was a better way to advocate for clients and get the deal done.


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