Catapult Your Distressed Real Estate to the Short List


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A coliseum, without a team.

An auto dealership, without a dealer.

A great office building, in a lousy market.

A state-of-the-art church, without a congregation.

A million-square-foot distribution center, with low ceilings.

A pristine mountain within a major MSA, with an underground coal fire.

Calling properties like these “Challenging Real Estate Assets” feels like a euphemism. When trying to lease or sell a unique asset, if your first impulse is to lower the price and offer the broker who closes the transaction a trip around the world plus commission, this article will give you reasons to take your finger off the trigger.

Let’s face it, when tenants and buyers have choices, and they always do, it’s all about your property making the “short list.” So if you’re tired of seeing your properties culled from the pack when the buyer and broker make their short list, these tactics and techniques will reverse your fortune.

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