CLT v. Raleigh – A Tale of Two Cities


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Originally published in DevelopCLT on April 28th, 2016 – see it here.

Often I get calls from people trying to sort out Charlotte and Raleigh. These are two of the hottest commercial real estate markets in the nation right now, and executives and investors are eager to gain insight, perspective and tips from brokers and consultants. People coming in from out of state assume that the two markets should be very similar, but they quickly realize that the office markets, in particular, are complex and nuanced. As a result, my phone rings a lot seeking advice hoping to gain some clarity so that they can make a decision with confidence.

The cause of the spike in activity is due to Charlotte and Raleigh consistently being ranked as two of the hottest markets to watch by organizations that track commercial trends and by institutional investors. You’ve seen the headlines about how hot we are. But the headlines do not tell the entire story.

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