Five tips for non-writer types who want to write

Friends have noticed: I’m writing a lot more.

And it’s fun. I’m contributing to online news sites ( and writing as a featured guest columnist for a new commercial real estate blog (, in addition to regularly writing for Cardinal Insights.

I also have my book, A Better Way to Broker and another book is in the works.

A lot of my friends appreciate that I’m taking the time to do this because many admittedly find it curious how I have the discipline. Time once was that, while I’ve always had lots to talk about and some good stories to share, when it came to writing, I’d get stuck. I’d stare at the paper or computer wondering how to start. Or I’d write but not have a clear sense of where I was going. I’ve always loved storytelling, but translating that passion to paper was a totally different animal.

Despite the writer’s block, I kept at it, and I came up with a process that gets me through every time. By trusting in these steps I’ve put together, I have been able to bust through those blocks and tell my story in a satisfying way.

Here are six tips that keep me inspired to complete my writing routine:

  1. I only write about what fascinates or motivates me.
  2. Following on the concept in No. 1: I write about what I know. By writing based off my experiences and sharing true stories, I’m able to keep the articles authentic.
  3. I write to an audience that will grow my business. Not only is this the most beneficial use of my time, it keeps me motivated.
  4. I try to give tips or a recipe for some kind of change or success. Who doesn’t want concrete, doable steps for meaningful change that can be replicated? It makes the reader feel good, and I feel good for helping in whatever way I can.
  5. I work with a team, including a great writer. That means I don’t have to always be a great writer. Sometimes we all need help, and everyone knows the value of delegating tasks to a trusted pro. Sometimes I call in people to help with researching or editing. This keeps me from burning out, especially when I have to turn my focus to the many other tasks that are competing for my attention that day.
  6. I write like I talk. It’s about storytelling after all, spinning a good yarn.

I hope that you enjoy the Cardinal Insights and if you think that your real estate assignment could use the help from a broker who will establish a clear process and execute it on time, let us know how we can help.

Real estate transactions can be fraught with frustration and pitfalls.

Sometimes the hardest part turns out to be working with your broker, the person who is supposed to help you through the complexities. Veteran commercial real estate broker and client advisor John Culbertson discovered that brokers’ interests aren’t always aligned with those of their clients. He realized there was a better way to advocate for clients and get the deal done.


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