It’s That Time of Year – Complain or Be Thankful

The holidays can be a trying time of year, especially this year if you consider the recent turbulent, challenging and stress-filled campaign season. It’s also at this time of year that one has to make a fundamental decision: complain or be thankful.

Given the recent, unprecedented campaign season, one would be forgiven for thinking there is a lot to complain about. The campaigning took on new lows of personal attacks from candidates on all sides. Social media enabled hate to be spewed more easily and rapidly than at any other time in history.

There was fake news on Facebook and biased reporting – or unbased reporting – depending on your viewpoint. Worry cropped up everywhere. Chicken Littles in the forms of pundits and commentators warned of impending doom. These “experts”: the media, pollsters and pundits, also loudly and confidently projected a future that didn’t happen.

The events in the media this year are a great reminder that we should ignore the experts who never saw the future coming and instead focus on friends and family who are around us for the next couple of days. If you are getting this newsletter, you have all that you need to make your own future: great relationships, ample resources and you live at a time and in a place where there are amazing things happening in business and in our communities. With all of this, you are the only expert that you need!

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