“I’m About to Sign a Lease, What do I Need to Know?”

Dear El Cardinale’

I’m about to sign a lease. Call me crazy. It’s down to the final strokes on the dotted line, and I’m wondering, what should I be taking into consideration given “the COVID”?

– Leasin’ Lonnie

First, congratulations on making a future-thinking move during these uncertain times. Your question demonstrates leadership and care for your team.

To start, janitorial standards, HVAC maintenance, and the relationship with the landlord are more important than ever. Spell out in your lease the who, what, when, and where of janitorial responsibilities. This is the type of thing that large tenants would add to their leases in the past, now everyone in the building “community” should buy-in to these details.

The fact that tenants are together in a community also plays a different role than it did before. It’s like having a roommate, only now you want to be sure he’s accountable and following protocol. This is where having a working relationship with the landlord comes into play. 

I will be writing more in-depth on this topic soon, so stay tuned.

I am working on an HQ relocation lease currently that is getting modified to address both the tenant and the landlord’s concerns. Do you want a copy of our pandemic lease checklist? Email me here.

Are you interested in seeing some of the resources we are using to help our client get clarity on this changing landlord/tenant relationship? Email me and I will send you white papers from Commercial Lease Law Insider, BOMA, and the CDC.

Be Safe, -JJC

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