10 Years of Strategic Coach in 3 Minutes: A Cheat Sheet for Busy Leaders

10 Years of Strategic Coach in 3 Minutes: A Cheat Sheet for Busy Leaders

Don’t make the same mistakes that I did when joining the Strategic Coach Mastermind group. It took me years and thousands of dollars because I didn’t dive into the practical suggestions that they offered at the beginning.

Dan Sullivan, a business coach and the founder of the Strategic Coach program, provides coaching and resources to help entrepreneurs and business leaders grow and scale their businesses. 

It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a business leader. 

It’s had a profound impact on my business and career. And I excelled in the program. I was asked to join Dan’s personal group, I wrote testimonials, I referred dozens of people, and I even collaborated with them on content.

However, I wasted so much time and money. Let me explain how.

One day during a break in the class, I was chatting with Dan, and he said to me: “John, I love participants like you. You are among the slow learners.” 

You see, I was in the group that Dan likes the most, the ones that keep coming back year after year because they love the experience, the camaraderie, and the content. There are even people who have written checks for over $20,000 per year for over 30+ years. 

However, everything Coach has to teach is covered in the first three years. And if I were a fast learner as opposed to the “slow learners” that Strategic Coach lovingly fosters, I would have applied everything I was taught in the first 3 years and then stopped the Coach annuity.

Below are five game-changing tips Dan Sullivan gave me. I have a feeling you’ll find them helpful, too: 

  1. Always focus on high-payoff activities. Strategic Coach teaches you to prioritize the activities that will have the biggest impact on your business, and allocate your time and resources accordingly.

  2. Clarify your vision, set goals and measure your path of progress. Strategic Coach teaches methods to define clearly what you want to achieve and how you will get there. This will help you stay focused and motivated as you work towards your work and personal goals.

  3. Study best business practices in bite-sized nuggets. As a small business, you miss-out on the great thinking that large organizations pay world class consulting firms. Strategic Coach teaches you these by breaking down the latest business books in easy to understand hacks you can immediately implement with your team.

  4. Know how to leverage your strengths. From day one of the program, Coach starts to the path of helping its clients identify their unique strengths and leverage them to differentiate their  business and create value for your customers.

  5. Build a strong team. The truth is is that most entrepreneurs are what Dan Sullivan calls “Rugged Individualists”. They have started a great company with amazing stamina and vision, but they have “hit the ceiling of complexity,” and they will fail unless they surround themselves with people who share your vision and values, and who can help them achieve their goals. 

Through Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach program, I’ve gained valuable insights and strategies that have helped me grow my business and be successful. 

But the benefits extend far beyond my career. The skills and attitude I’ve gained through the program have also helped my family. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Strategic Coach program and how it could benefit you and your business, I’m happy to chat. Just reach out, and we can schedule a time!

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