Is it a Bad Idea to Celebrate a Big Win in Business?

Grow from your Victories & Defeats

How to Learn from Soaring Victories and Crushing Defeats

Although it will be one of the most significant office deals in Charlotte for 2022, Cardinal will have no trophies for landing the Bojangles headquarters deal.

There was a time when we would celebrate closing a deal like this with dinners and deal closing awards. After all, this deal is a big win for all involved.

But nowadays, Cardinal has a modest celebration and then immediately reflects on what we learned throughout the experience.

We pull out The Cardinal Deal Canvas™ and ask ourselves the following:

  • What went well during the deal?
  • What didn’t?
  • Knowing what we know now, what would we do differently?
  • What steps can we take to ensure a more successful outcome next time?


Rather than treating a signature deal announcement simply as a comms exercise, we see it as the fulcrum of the deal-making process. A ton of work went into the deal — so how can we repeat this “win” and make it a more significant, smoother, and more pleasurable experience for everyone next time?

This line of questioning is a thought exercise we learned from Strategic Coach™ that transforms the intensity of both the positives and negatives you experience once a deal closes into something far more valuable than a trophy. It creates breakthroughs in both your personal and professional lives. It forces you to look at negative situations more closely — not as one person’s fault, but as a series of missed, assumed, rushed, or mistaken things.

As result of this line of questioning…

Communication increases. Teamwork improves. We are calmer and more in control of our deals in the future.

Cardinal Partners is proud to announce that Bojangles has leased 63,000 SF at Forest Park Five for its new headquarters. A special thanks to the Bojangles team consisting of Mike Fahey at CBRE, Chris Loeb at Robinson Bradshaw, and John Gaulden at Gensler.

And a special tip of the hat to our clients, Sims Garrison and Tyler Miller at Fairway Investments, the owner of Forest Park Five. Truly, you are a perfect example of being an honest and proactive real estate investor.

Real estate transactions can be fraught with frustration and pitfalls.

Sometimes the hardest part turns out to be working with your broker, the person who is supposed to help you through the complexities. Veteran commercial real estate broker and client advisor John Culbertson discovered that brokers’ interests aren’t always aligned with those of their clients. He realized there was a better way to advocate for clients and get the deal done.


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