Not Getting What You Want

Not Getting What You Want

If you are a goal setter, you know that often the strategic byproducts are better than the goal itself!

Sometimes when you go after something and don’t get it, what results is much better. An example is the Cardinal Classic Cycling Women’s Team sponsorship.

Last year, I reached out to Shane Martin at Classic Cycling to see if he knew of a team needing a sponsor. We talked for a while, and I shared my idea that Cardinal would sponsor either a gravel team or a team of midlife cyclists like myself. He had some ideas for me that were precisely in line with what I was asking for, but then he said, “What I really need is a sponsor for my women’s elite team. They are exceptional.” I was sold as he told me about the team, the riders, their victories, and what they have overcome.

I agreed to a three-year sponsorship and am all-in behind this team of dedicated athletes.

The feedback I have received from friends of the firm, clients, and family about the team has been overwhelmingly positive.

People relate to the riders’ challenges and are curious about why a guy like me cares so much about these athletes.

This is why: I’m incredibly inspired by these women. Their determination, grit, and vulnerability as athletes are empowering to watch. Earlier this summer, I attended the US Nationals to see the team in action. Here are three takeaways I learned from watching them that I am incorporating into my personal and professional lives:

  1. Ride with those who are better than you are. The truth is, you must get kicked around a lot to improve.
  2. Your team is around you to make you faster, not to compete with you.
  3. When the competition is better than you are, just give it 80% and forget about the idea of winning or even placing. Often the idea of being perfect will make you panic. Instead, you’ll grow from the experience and be better positioned to win in the future.


I started out thinking I wanted one thing – to sponsor a group of guys whom I thought I would relate to easily. Instead, I ended up on another path – one where I feel fortunate to be supporting a team of athletes who are teaching and inspiring me in ways I never expected.

Be open to the unexpected.

In my day-to-day activities, particularly during negotiations, I must have the best people around me and work as a team. To reduce anxiety and be highly effective, my team and I use the Prepare to Win-Win Worksheet™, which ensures we are adequately prepared for any situation. This worksheet lets me test assumptions and act as deliberately as possible, which gives me confidence when entering negotiations. I’ve used this tool thousands of times and for a whole range of transactions.

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Real estate transactions can be fraught with frustration and pitfalls.

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