To prepare for an imminent buyout, major paper company Bowater was divesting timberland assets. They were concerned they weren’t getting fair compensation for timberland parcels with development potential. And they needed someone with experience to sort this out.

City Park

After the new Uptown arena was built, the Coliseum became an albatross struggling to compete. The city spent 18 months trying to sell the asset and received only one weak offer. The property began to symbolize wasteful public spending and was drawing media scrutiny. City leaders knew they needed the sale proceeds to pay off an upcoming loan.


An environmental lobbying group needed to expand in Washington, DC. They had challenging specifications in a tight market. 

Brennan Investment Group

An institutional investor is looking to source deals in a tight market and they quickly need boots on the ground.

Mitsubishi Chemical America

A Japanese-owned chemical conglomerate needed help relocating business units, expanding facilities, and disposing of 120 acres in a densely populated infill location. The company had no in-house real-estate experience, and the project landed in the lap of the outgoing CEO as a swan-song project.