What did COVID Teach You?

What did COVID Teach You

What did COVID Teach You?

Dear Cardinal,

You seem to never sit still—even during a lockdown. What did you learn from COVID?

– Larry Bedpresser


Dear Mr. Bedpresser,

I learned that keeping a healthy mind has to be a priority. One way I do this is by challenging myself to learn new things (e.g., learning the Gmail filing protocol, participating in the Comedy Zone’s improv course, and learning to speed read Charlotte Planning Department documents). And by keeping an open mind, I create habits that will benefit me for a lifetime.

Twelve months ago, I wrote up a list of online courses, books, blogs, and other content I was interested in. During COVID, I committed to knocking everything off my list.

Here are the items that rose to the top and earn a Cardinal 5-star rating...

  • Seth Godwin’s The Marketing Seminar. This is a 150-day series that has helped me make a bigger impact with my marketing. What I learned was that marketing done right changes everything. Seth only offers this course twice a year, and enrollment is limited. Reach out if you want details.
  • Sean D’Souza’s The Article Writing Course, touted as “the toughest article writing course” in the world. This course is not just an information dump – you join a community that holds you accountable to master the skill of article writing. Seats are limited to 18, and the course is only offered a few times a year.
  • Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s Accelerated Momentum Program. I’m only three months into the course, but it’s exceeding its hype and is an excellent value. The course coaches you to tweak routines to reinforce existing goals and to work in small accountability groups. This all adds up to huge results. The course isn’t cheap, but I can send you a code for a small discount.
  • Magic. This service provides virtual assistants for only $10 an hour. As you know, I’ve been using VAs for nearly a decade, and this is the coolest service for simple administrative tasks that I have found. And their app is awesome. Click here to get a free hour.
  • Scott’s Cheap Flights. This is the most distracting email I get every day. Scott covers cheap flights from Charlotte Douglas International Airport (or your local airport) and sends out alerts when an airline makes a pricing mistake. Head out West for a $78 round trip? It’s possible. But you have to act fast to get the deals. Click here for a discount on a subscription.
  • Chartr. Data Storytelling. Get insights in the forms of charts. Curious to look back over the year via Twitter data? They have you covered. Just the other day, I received a cool chart, looking back over the last 12 months, with data provided by Twitter. Insight like this helps me see the world differently. And when we can all go back to cocktailing, the insight makes for great small talk.


One of the books I picked up and highly recommend is Tiny Habits by B.J. Fogg, PhD. So much of what I learned in these courses have turned into new methods that really work for me. B.J. Fogg is a performance psychologist, and I can truly say I’ve come out of COVID more positive, realistic, and resilient.

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